Financial Abuse

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Financial/ Economic abuse is present in 99 percent of domestic violence cases and includes things such as ruining a victim’s credit, disrupting them at work to the point they’re fired, and denying access to bank accounts. Additional examples of financial abuse can be found here.

It is a key way that a perpetrator controls their victim, making it extremely difficult for a victim to end an abusive relationship. Without personal control of financial resources, they’re dependent on the perpetrator.

“Financial abuse is insidious: It can first appear as a considerate offer to take care of the bills, or a casual request to borrow money. But it escalates until the abuser has full control of every bank account, credit card, and paycheck, which means that even if victims escape, they could have no way to rent a new apartment, find a job, or care for their children.” (How Money Traps Victims of Domestic Violence, The Atlantic. Retrieved 2/22/2022)

Below are resources to help victims regain financial well-being.