YWCA Helen Claytor Recognition Society & Endowment Fund

Supporting Girls Today and Tomorrow

Few women have influenced the YWCA as fundamentally as Helen Claytor, and few things mattered more to her than the well-being of girls.

Inspired by her legacy as a civil rights activist and beloved YWCA matriarch, in 2017 more than 70 leaders within the African American community and many long-time YWCA friends came together. That group – the YWCA Helen Claytor Recognition Society – established a fund bearing her name and directed it to a cause about which she was deeply passionate: developing girls into leaders.

The YWCA Helen Claytor Endowment Fund exists to help support the YWCA’s ability to offer unexpected leadership-building opportunities to those participating in YWCA girls’ leadership activities. As an endowment, the fund’s longevity is ensured in perpetuity, much like Mrs. Claytor’s legacy. As it continues to grow over time, the dollars available to support leadership opportunities for girls will grow as well, much like the girls’ own horizons.

The YWCA Helen Claytor Endowment Fund is equally a recognition of her achievements, the ability of the girls following in her footsteps, and the exceptional generosity of the many people who are working toward the day when girls and women will hold positions of leadership in every corner of our community.

Learn more about the Helen Claytor Center for Girls’ Leadership.


YWCA Helen Claytor Recognition Society

Steelcase Inc.*


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Debra Bailey
Custer, Inc.*
Mercy Health Saint Mary’s*
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Clement and Lola Audu*
John and Delvenia Beason*
Stacie Behler
Micki Benz*
Sarah Bitely
Willie and Tasha Blackmon*
Carla and Scott Blinkhorn*
Kenyatta and Tracey Brame*
Wayman and Dinah Britt*
Brown’s Funeral Home, LTD*
Brown Hutcherson Ministries*
Jake Carter
Clif and Cindy Charles*
Richard and Deborah Clanton*
Judith Claytor*
Sharon Claytor Peters and Melvin Peters, Ph.D.*
Brian Cloyd and Agnes Kempker-Cloyd*
Michael and Janean Couch*
Gertrude G. and James E. Croom*
Crowe LLP*
Eileen DeVries Family Foundation
Betsy Dole*
Paul and Celeste Doyle*
Clarice S. and Stephen R. Drew*
Karen and Steve Ender*
DeDe Esque and Henry Pyper*
Judith C. Frey*
Twink Frey*
Arlen-Dean and Sandra Gaddy*
Shannon and Sonny Gardner*
Mary Gill-Thornton/ C. John Gill and Rita Williams Family Fund
M. Beth Goebel*
Grand Rapids Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.*
Barbara Griffin and Clay Stauffer*
Julia A. Guevara Ph.D. and David Lehker
Meg Hackett*
Omar and Natalie Hall*
Susan Halteman
Eric and Mary Hartfield*
Sara J. Hendrix
Polly Hewitt
Brooke Hotchkiss
Sonya Hughes and Marianne Butcher*
Matt and Rhonda Huismann*
Win and Kyle Irwin*
Cleophus and Eunice Jackson*
Ellen M. James*
Michael B. Johnson*
Joe and Jessie Jones*
Anthony and Lisa King*
Dr. Carolyn King, M.D.*
Dr. Karen Kennedy Covington and Mr. Phillip Covington*
Kelli Langan Pfister
Dr. Dorsey and Linda Ligon*
Elias and Ruth A. Lumpkins*
Marilyn F. Martin
Bradford and Andola Mathis, M.D.*
Ralph Mathis, M.D.*
Mary T. McLoughlin*
Diane J. McMillan and Robert B. Hurd*
Patrick Miles, Jr.*
Charisse and Cory Mitchell*
Pastor Nathaniel and Laura B. Moody*
Dwayne and Carla Moore*
Bonnie Nawara*
Jean M. Neal
Angela Nelson*
Hannah Nelson
Karin Nelson
Penny Nelson
Isaac, Lisa, Lianna, and Van Norris*
Mary Novello
Cindy Oakley
Lorena Palm
Steve and Molly Parker*
Julia Raap
Shlynn Rhodes*
Faye D. Richardson-Green*
Sherwin and Maria Robinson*
Cindy Rogowski and Dennis Gill
Sara Rumbarger
Vernis L. Schad*
Mary Seeger and Bill Seeger*
Susan Shannon*
Christopher B. and Kelli A. Smith*
Alexis and Faith Stanton*
Wendy Stock*
Dr. Herman and Roslyn Sullivan*
Jacqueline D. Taylor, Ph.D.*
Theta Chi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.*
Precious Threats
Rosie Tobin
Lloyd and Shana Welch*
Skot and Barbara Welch*
Jim and Lonna Wiersma
Renée Williams*
David and Shannon Wilson*
Doug and Jill Wilterdink*

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