Persimmon Club – Give Monthly


The Persimmon Club is a donor community that supports the YWCA’s work through ongoing monthly giving. 

By signing up to give as a recurring contributor, you have a sustaining impact on the lives of women and families. Your consistent, ongoing support helps create stable revenue streams, allows us to plan further into the future, and helps fuel our shared mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. 

As a Persimmon Club member you will be part of a treasured group of supporters. You will receive invitations to exclusive opportunities with YWCA, tailored updates about your giving mid-year, and a tax receipt at year end. We look forward to keeping you updated on the effect your gift is having in our community! 

Simply go to and choose “I want to give this same amount each month” to join the Persimmon Club today!


What is the Persimmon Club?

This is our monthly giving program. By choosing to give automatically each month, you are joining others in providing consistent support for the crucial services we provide.

How do I join?

Simply go to and choose “I want to give this same amount each month” while filling out your gift information.

How frequent must my gifts be to become a member?

Monthly. The gifts are set up to be charged automatically each month until you tell us to stop. You can do this via phone 616.459.4681 or email

Will I receive a tax receipt for every gift?

No. You will receive an acknowledgement letter with tax receipt language with your first donation. You will then receive a year end donation receipt at the start of the new year.

Who do I call if I have a question about my gift?

You can call us at 616.459.4681.

Thank you!