Your monthly commitment makes you part of a treasured group of supporters — the YWCA Persimmon Club. Thank you and welcome!

Our community turns to the YWCA every day…of every month…of every year. We can be here because of the consistent support your participation in the Persimmon Club provides. We are honored to have you stand alongside us. You are helping each person who comes to the YWCA as they move forward.

Racism and sexism create the environment in which domestic and sexual violence exist. These are not small problems. There are no quick fixes. But we are making progress. The secret to success? Commitment. And until the world sees women, girls, and people of color the way we do — Equal, Powerful, Unstoppable — we’ll continue to be here.

You help sustain the YWCA’s vital work. You are transforming lives with expert services for victims of domestic and dating abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and child sexual abuse; education to end those things that fuel abuse; and public policy that translates our mission into law. Your commitment through the Persimmon Club is a wonderful expression of your continuing investment in the lives of those we serve.




Charisse Mitchell

P.S. If you have any questions about your gift or the work you are investing in, please call 616.459.4681.