What Today Means

Important: Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision is profound. However, as of now, abortion is still protected in Michigan. The 1931 state law that bans abortion is under to a temporary injunction. Services are available in West Michigan. Scroll down for links to those resources.






Know this.

We are as committed to our mission as ever. We were here long before today’s decision, and we’ll be here long after.

Empowerment and respect are inextricably linked. Empowerment will be achieved only when each person is respected in all aspects of their life.

All individuals deserve the ability to make decisions about their own bodies and reproductive health care without interference. Much of the work the YWCA does with survivors of domestic and dating abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and child sexual abuse is to help them restore a belief in their bodily integrity which was violated and abused by their assailant. Regaining that belief is at the heart of a survivor’s healing and humanity.

It is our responsibility and mission to ensure those who turn to us have access to the things they need to be safe, healthy, and to thrive. The YWCA stands with them – and all people – in their journey towards empowerment, like we always have. Like we always will. And it is why we direct our energies to both services and policy.

In solidarity, we support our partners who are able to provide abortions and other critical medical care that survivors and all Michiganders require and deserve. Equally so, we support efforts to ensure reproductive health care is available and accessible to all. It’s on this point that we encourage you to join us in the statewide initiative to enshrine access in Michigan’s constitution and protect reproductive rights and freedoms.

It is crucial registered voters in Michigan sign the Reproductive Rights For All Ballot Initiative and make your voice heard! The deadline for signatures is fast approaching. 

Please, put the YWCA’s mission to work in your life and community.

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