SHE RUNS Grand Rapids

Half-marathon | 10K | 5K
A Gazelle Sports Event
Proud • Confident • Bold • Energetic • Loud

“We celebrate her, because she runs with confidence. She faces her challenges with fear in her pocket, but even more courage in her heart. She runs knowing that every step gets her closer to herself, her community, and her values….Let’s be loud in who we are, where each of us has come from, and where each of us is running to…Together with every woman, every SHE, who runs, let’s step out and say “I can, and I WILL!” – SHE RUNS Organizers

To register, donate, and more, go to SHE RUNS GRAND RAPIDS

Sunday, May 1, 2022
7:00 am
Calder Plaza, Downtown Grand Rapids

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Gazelle Girl — our community’s signature women’s half-marathon, 10k, and 5k — and the YWCA’s 10th year as a legacy-charity partner. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to support the YWCA’s mission and programming.

At this noteworthy milestone, race organizers are opening a new chapter. It’s a chapter that celebrates the extraordinary foundation built by Gazelle Girl, recognizes the current moment, and looks to the future with hope. Woven through yesterday, today, and tomorrow are common threads — strength, courage, community. The single mom and the grandmother running their first 5k. The high school cheerleader and the transgender woman who want to replace body shaming with their sense of power and confidence. The domestic violence survivor and the social worker who both find peace while running.

And so, with the same commitment to creating a culture of health and an environment where all participants feel welcomed, encouraged, and supported in active living, Gazelle Girl passes the baton to SHE RUNS Grand Rapids.

SHE RUNS Grand Rapids represents every SHE who runs. “SHE” emphasizes the courage, determination, and heart each participant brings. SHE RUNS sees the person first and celebrates the energy created when we each define for ourselves who we are and what our path forward will be. SHE RUNS Grand Rapids welcomes every runner who identifies with girlhood, womanhood, or femininity. SHE RUNS is a place where taking that first step is as meaningful as crossing the finish line.

For more information, contact Breanne Zost, YWCA Events Coordinator at or go to SHE RUNS Grand Rapids.