What Is This Behavior?!: An Illustration Series

“What Is This Behavior?!” is an illustration series that acknowledges the absurdity of social norms surrounding gender and race and how they create conditions for a culture in which sexual violence is normalized and even encouraged.

The series features three different illustrated scenarios that address negative norms related to  gender and masculinity (specifically street harassment and gender policing), and racism (specifically colorblindness). To learn more about each of these issues, check out the links listed on the left of this page. 

If you would like to support “What Is This Behavior?!”, we encourage you to share the illustrations on social media (they can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages). We can also order flyers and/or posters of the illustrations for your organization/business (at no cost), or send them to you in PDF form. If you are interested in receiving flyers, posters, and/or PDFs, contact Jake Carter: jcarter@ywcawcmi.org.