What’s Needed Most Now

The YWCA is here for survivors — but we can’t do it without you. Support from the community is crucial. Read below for different ways you can make a difference. Thank you!

Questions? Contact Kelli Langan Pfister at klangan@ywcawcmi.org.

Donate Supplies

Click here for the YWCA’s Wish List priorities for Sojourner House, our emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence and their families.

Thank you!

Make a Financial Gift

Give $25

There is nothing more essential than safety and shelter. Keeping the families who have found safety at our emergency domestic abuse shelter healthy is just as important. $25 helps cover the cost of items like disinfectants, latex gloves, hand soap, and paper towels. 

Give $50

With schools closed, children are with their parent in our domestic abuse shelter throughout the day. $50 helps cover the weekly cost of additional activities, games, and snacks for approximately 15-20 children.

Give $100

For a child who has been sexually abused, their parents are critical to their healing. $100 helps cover the cost of one hour-long family therapy video session.

Give $125

While the courts have limited accessibility for regular business, they realize the unique responsiveness that the issues of domestic and sexual violence require. $125 helps cover the cost for the YWCA to offer legal services like preparing and filing Personal Protection Order applications for victims.

Give $150

For the parents and children participating in supervised parenting visits, their time together is precious. $150 helps cover the cost of providing two weekly supervised video sessions for a parent and child working to build a healthy and safe relationship. 

Give $200

In uncertain times, young people need stability and support. $200 helps cover the cost of one, interactive video session for the teens in the YWCA’s Helen Claytor Center for Girls’ Leadership where they can talk about their feelings, stay connected to YWCA staff and one another, and continue planning the impact they will have on our community.

Give $250

The YWCA’s helpline has never been more important to victims. $250 helps cover the cost of providing our 24-hour helpline for one month. 

Give $500

When a victim is isolated from family and friends, their pet provides desperately needed comfort. $500 helps cover the average monthly cost of providing safe shelter and care for the pets of YWCA clients so they aren’t forced to choose between fleeing their abuser or leaving their pets behind in danger.

Give $700

Following public health recommendations to stay home as much as possible means you first need to have a home. $700 helps cover the cost of one month of supportive housing for a domestic violence victim and their children as they rebuild their lives. 

Give $1,000

For survivors, finding a community of people who share similar experiences can be especially healing. $1000 helps cover the cost of providing online support groups for one month. 

Give $1,500

Locally, sexual assault victims have long had an alternative to busy, crowded emergency departments: the YWCA Nurse Examiner Program. That continues to be important as hospitals meet other demands. $1500 helps cover the cost of the expert care and medical-forensic exams (rape exams) provided by YWCA Nurse Examiners to victims during a typical weekend shift.

 A note…

Your generosity helps to ensure the YWCA can provide services at no or significantly reduced cost to clients.

Selecting an amount from the descriptions of services above does not indicate the designation of a gift. The descriptions are an illustration of the many and important ways you play a role in furthering the YWCA’s mission and transforming the lives of those we serve. Your gift complements and leverages other revenue sources, primarily local, state, and federal contracts and grants. It’s that combination which ensures the thousands of people who reach out to the YWCA each year find relevant, effective services provided by talented, expert staff and backed by a strong, strategic, and responsive organization fully capable of meeting their needs today and tomorrow.

Thank you!